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Friday, 6 July 2012

thepocketgod interviews Crop Circle Expert, Esoteric Thinker and Musician Dr Simeon Hein

Dr Simeon Hein – thank you for taking part in this interview.

Could you please introduce yourself to our readers.

Hey y’all, it’s Dr. Hein: musician, mystic, thinker, and teacher.
(Ph.D. stands for post-hole digger, BTW, but I used to teach
undergrad statistics.) I’m the author of several guitar CDs
and the books Opening Minds and Planetary Intelligence
and I run the Mount Baldy Institute for Resonant Viewing
based in Boulder, Colorado.

Crop Circles – of particular interest to myself are the occurrence of strange crop circles which appear as if from knowhere in the fields of rural England and other places around the world. I know a couple of guys came out a few years ago saying that they were all a hoax but I’m not so sure they seem to be too complex to be just a couple of guys and a few sticks. What’s your take on crop circles?

Alot of them in the past were non-human made, by flying saucers and things
like that, but now people make them too, especially the big ones. I’ve spoken
with witnesses who’ve seen them formed in a few seconds by UFOs, for whatever
reason. I’ve also gotten to know the modern human circlemakers, most of

whom relish the experience with the unknown and fun of being out there
at night doing something mysterious and different (and somewhat illegal). 
And “yes,” they can make big ones.

What’s you personal experience of them? Has anything strange happened to you whilst in one? Are you planning any more crop circle tours this year in the UK?

In my times in the crop circles, I’ve seen a lot of camera and battery failure
in and around the wheat fields. It’s really odd because one moment your device
is working, and the next minute it’s not. It’s very strange and not yet explainable
by science. There’s an energy field there that our electronics don’t work well in.
The manmade circles have this effect as well. Pretty weird if you ask me,

It’s even happened to professional film crews. I was filming with the National Geographic channel in 2009 in the so-called “Aztec formation”near Silbury Hill in Wiltshire when they told me, after the entering same formation a couple of weeks before, how their pro-camera lost its battery and then wouldn’t start even after a fresh

one was put it. They had to call headquarters in London for help to get it working
again. Ive heard that the same thing has happened to BBC film crews.

And I’ve seen it first-hand myself almost every summer in at least one of the circles. 

Sometimes a fresh circle can affect devices and batteries for a few days as happened
with the Fyfield Down or “Devil’s Den” formation in 1999.

We do tours to the crop circles every summer so people can enjoy this part
of world and experience a little crop circle magic for themselves.

What do you think causes them? Is there a link to UFOs?

UFOs have been associated with crop circles for a long time in the U.S.,
Australia, and the U.K. but as I mentioned above, people now make them
too. Doug and Dave, the “two guys for the pub” who made them in the 1980’s
in Hampshire and other locations were inspired by the “Tully Saucer Nests” 
from the ‘60s and ‘70s in Australia, so they say.

Nowadays, it seems that most of the formations are manmade.

I also see on your excellent website that you’re also interested in UFOs and of the possible use by the US military of reverse engineered alien technology. What sort of links are you making? 

I’ve spoken with and heard many witnesses from the military that our governments
and some corporations have access to back-engineered UFO technology. Apparently
is has helped our technological acceleration since World War II especially in aeronautics.

UFOs – tell us about your own UFO experience in Nevada in 2005?

I was with another crop circle research, Denni Clark, at a UFO conference
in Laughlin, Nevada, no less, when we were driving back from a skywatch
at 1 AM in the morning. All of sudden, as we approaching the town, we saw
a flying black triangle cruising over the river behind the main street. It was
silent. low, and slow and almost invisible against the dark sky. Probably a secret
military vehicle but we don’t know for sure. We saw it for about 30 seconds
before it went out of view.

Why do you think that the governments of the world are keeping hush about the possible interaction of our planet with extra-terrestrials?

Probably because they don’t know how to talk about it. Too many unknowns.
But a number of them like Brazil and France have started being more open
about the subject.

Do you see contact with extra terrestrials as a positive thing for this planet?

In the long run, it’s going to happen, so we’ll have to make the best
of it. It could be positive or negative depending how we react. But
at this point, I believe it’s only a matter of time.

What other areas of paranormal research are you interested in?

People’s ability to know more than is possible with their
physical senses. This is known as “remote viewing” or “resonant sensing”
and I think believe people do it all the time, even without knowing

it. It can also be taught.

Do you believe in life after death? If so what do you think exists for us after this life?

Yes, based on my experiences with deceased loved ones, and anecdotal stories, I’m 
convinced that we keep going, so to speak. We’re here for good, one way or another.


Going off in a random tangent I notice from your website that you’re also a musician. What do you do and what music do you play? 

I’ve been playing finger-picking guitar since I was fourteen. I’m attracted
to the simplicity of acoustic guitar and the way it sounds and makes you feel.
It can completely change your mood, and your audience, in seconds.

What’s your opinion on the theory that apparently Stonehenge was some kind of musical/ritual cauldron where the acoustics of the stones triggered a trance like state in the people taking part?

Could have been. I’m not sure exactly what the purpose of it is, but it is a neat
place, with a mathematical vibe.

What’s our favourite album of all time?

That’s really tough.
It’s a three-way tie between Beatles’ “Sgt. Peppers”, “Led Zeppelin I”, and John Renbourn’s “Nine Maidens”.

What books are you reading at the moment?

John Medina’s Brain Rules, Scott Patterson’s The Quants, and Kevin Duffy’s Who Were the Celts? and Carmine Gallo’s The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs.

Darwin, Dawkins, Creationism or Ancient Aliens?

I’m pretty sure it’s Darwin and Ancient Aliens. We’re very
different in some ways from other creatures on the planet.
I think genetic manipulation may have had something to do
with it.

Thanks check out the newcrystalmind website!

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