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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Magic Money!

More money has appeared in our house this afternoon. It appears all over the house and has even appeared in front of my wife as she lay in bed. Lately it has started to appear on a photo of my wife's Gran who recently passed away. Charles Fort called such items that randomly appear "apports" and may be evidence of parallel universes crossing over or some form of paranormal ghostly activity. Occams Razor which states that when all things being equal the most obvious explanation tends to be the right one. In this case this would probably mean that either my wife or I were hoaxing this but as we have both experienced them randomly appearing in front of us this can not be the case. I studied a science degree at university and used to be even more of a skeptic than King Dick of the Land Of Skeptics otherwise known as Dr Richard Wiseman ,who coincidentally lectures at the same University that I studied at, but since moving into this house in Sandridge my rational belief system has been turned upside down.
It also turns out that we are not one evening we broached the subject with the landlord of The Green Man after telling him where the money had come from that we had just spent on his lovely ales and that we hoped it just didn't disappear back off into the ether! He said that another of the locals had had the same thing happening in his house just around the corner from us.
I have a theory that this kind of paranormal activity may be linked in some way to ley lines or earth energies. As I mentioned in a previous blog there is a ley line running through Sandridge and there is also quite a bit of "Hertfordshire Puddingstone" which is a type of local stone which has said to possess special energies.

Apparently, dowsing rods go a little bit mental when placed over these stones. Maybe a combination of ley lines and this Hertfordshire Puddingstone create some special energies which allow access from other worlds/dimensions. Who knows? All I know is the money is still coming, not enough to make us rich but enough for the odd pub lunch!