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Saturday, 27 August 2011

I wrote a song about my local pub - The Green Man - in Sandridge, Hertfordshire. It's frequented by high ranking members of The Knights Templar. It's a bit like a rubbishy Dan Brown novel but with real ale, a dart board and a good selection of snacks. I live in Sandridge an olde worlde village on the out skirts of the commutervilledom that is St Albans. The village also apparently lies on an ancient ley line which is connected to St Albans Abbey. Someone told me once, maybe when I was high on Absinthe, that ley lines are an inter galactic grid upon which spaceships and ufos recharge their extraterrestrial batteries. That sounds like fun and I also saw one of those UFO Hunter dudes off the History channel say the same thing, except in an American accent. Strangely enough some sports reporter from the BBC reported a UFO flying over Hertfordshire recently so maybe there's something to this? Or maybe I should stop reading the Fortean Times and start subscribing to Richard Dawkins monthly?
Anyhoo, this song is taken off the album - Songs Of The Holy Grail And The End Of The World - by the pocket gods. It's a triple album  which does what it says on the packet and even has a song about The Tombman who was featured in the film Bloodline.
I do also write songs about ordinary stuff like sex, snacks and masturbation and I was also the co-inventor of the game flipper slipper.
This video was created for an ace zine that I write for in New York called Dig This Real check their page out @

"weird shit and ancient aliens"

I have been immersing myself in hours and hours of ancient aliens dvds. I'm not sure if any of it is true but they are lots of fun to watch.  However, all sense of credibility was lost when some guy with mad hair started going on about Merlin and his magic wand creating Stonehenge. It was something to do with sound waves but I missed the science bit as I was munching a packet of cheese and onion French Fries. It's all good research for my next but one album "The Land Of The Giants". Meanwhile I have just put together a nice little compilation album of the first 13 years of the pocket gods - entitled "Weird Shit, The Life And Times Of A Pocket God".
You can hear it for free on soundlcoud "weird shit"

It's a jolly little album full of pgs faves including lots of alien and fortean inspired tracks. It's also the soundtrack to my debut book of the same name which is being published later this year.
Right I'm off to listen to some football guff and much some more snacks.