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Monday, 14 November 2011

Songs Of The Holy Grail And The End Of The World


My Fortean Opus - Songs Of The Holy Grail And The End Of The World - has been entered into the grammys for this year under Best Alternative Album...which is way cool...

I had fun recording this album at home, especially as it's a triple album featuring 30 songs on everything from Alchemy (Paracelsus) and the Rennes Les Chateau mystery to UFOs and end of the world prophecies. It's random and lo-fi, as all pocket gods releases are, and probably doesn't stand too much of a chance against our competition for the grammy - Radiohead, Elbow, PJ Harvey and Iron And Winde...but then again did any of them write a song about the knights templar hanging out at my local?

Should you wish you can buy the album from all major digital download stores - here is a link to the album in I tunes;
songs of the holy grail and the end of the world by the pocket gods

There is also a song on there called thetombman which is about Ben Hammott - who was featured in the ace film - Bloodline - by Bruce Burgess. Ben allegedly found a knights templar tomb near Rennes Les Chateau which may even be the tomb of Mary Magdalene.

Here is a link to the leaked grammy entry list for best alternative album which has the pocket gods at no. 75.
I also contacted Paddy Power bookmakers to see what our odds were of winning the grammy. They went away and did some calculations and got back to me with a price of 50 to 1! Which is not bad and they are the same odds for either Arsenal or Spurs to win this seasons Premier League title.

grammy entry list.